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Lipanj 27th, 2018

(Hrvatski) Zlatna sibriska borovnica

Lipanj 27th, 2018


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Srpanj 9th, 2015

LAG summer festival

As a member of the Local Action Group Association Moslavina OPG Agricola attended the third LAG Summer Festival in Biograd. More you can find on the LAG Moslavina.

Moslavački products attracted the attention of tourists and local people. Eleven exhibitors presented LAG in the best possible way. They have presented their Moslavina wines, with special emphasis on indigenous variety Škrlet, proved that Moslavac creative in terms of handicrafts and souvenirs, and they presented a variety of useful and decorative items made in the traditional way. Along with the promotion of exhibitors, it was certainly the promotion of the LAG and the whole Moslavine, deservedly in its tourist promotional materials is regarded as a complete surprise.

Lipanj 20th, 2015

Viner Diary

The book is called “Diary Podrumarov” with over 200 pages. large A4 size written part and an additional 50 or so for your use of records, calculating and independent evaluation of wines. (252 p.) Part of the content; Work Diary, Calendars 2015-2017., Record of work in the cellar and barrels of wine preparation, cleanliness labor, vintage, working with refractometer-error process of production, the rest of the sugar-error calculation, analysis of wine, additional records, Sulfiting wine-table , cold stabilization, reduction in acid, filtration-table, bottling, stop, labels, self-assessment, evaluation protocol, procedure, clarity, color, odor, smell honesty, quality of odor, flavor intensity, honesty taste, quality taste, after taste, general impression, the OIV educational kit for independent evaluation of wine before the show, the credibility of evaluation and evaluators, organization assessment … + addition to copying and cutting, and further private use.

Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers “Wardrobe” The cross is one of the sponsors who have helped me through association (more)
Svibanj 21st, 2015

Mechanical weed control

Popularly known as “Strigl” or plows combs that. Tines is the best alternative for mechanical weed control. Its use become more environmentally responsible, because every day we hear about the harmful effects of chemical plant protection. Profitability is undeniable because the use value of 10 or more years. Accessibility equipment to farmers who have less surface area lies in the joint approach, which encourages and Measure 4. Rural development where it gets an additional 20% of grant funds. Company Hatzenbichler since 1952 improved production tools for working the soil and one of the leaders in this segment.

Oujak 4th, 2015

How is Ebank working

Veljaa 23rd, 2015

Assembly breeders of black slavonian pigs

Members of Agricola association as guests were participated on regulary  assembly of the association of breeders of black slavonian pigs.

President of the Fajferica association mr. Dominik Knežević led assembly  and outlined program of work for 2015 which was accepted by all members of association. (more)

Prosinac 23rd, 2014

Ethical bank

Ethical bank or eBanka is a bank whose clients are also its owners. The first such bank should start doing business in Croatia in the middle of next year. Compilation of documents to obtain a license from the Croatian National Bank. What will their clients to offer an ethical bank? What is the difference compared to conventional banks? Is it ethical bank even possible?

Prosinac 12th, 2014

Incentives for young farmers

A young farmer is a person who is not older than 40 years in 2015, when applying for stimulus, and that for the first time established the economy as a carrier, or has already set the economy back five years ago in 2015 .. The condition for the realization of support for young farmers a minimum of secondary education of agricultural, food or veterinary sciences or completed professional training lasting at least 40 hours.

Prosinac 8th, 2014

Ecological seeds

It is a platform for pricing and trading certified organic commodities. With our organic exchange we of provide a means for you to trade in a modern and professional fashion with raw produce from organic cultivation. As farmer, processor or trader you can buy or sell certified organic raw produce like organic grain or organic nuts. (more)