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Svibanj 30th, 2011

International day rangers and European Week of Geoparks in Nature park Papuk

Jankovac, Velika – On the occasion of the European Geoparks Week and International Day in the Park Ranger Nature Park were held in two interesting actions. The Great were members of the Croatian Amateur Radio Association and the group members’ Croatian Flora Fauna, using the callsign 9A1GEO, the radio waves of their radio stations promote the beauty and importance of the only Croatian Geopark Papuk around the world, and in the mountain hut Nevoljaš, located at 740 meters above sea height, held a two-day camp ranger which gathers two dozen students and their teachers from Čačinci and Orahovica.


Oujak 7th, 2011

Tourist events in Garešnica

On Sunday 6th March 2011. held the first GAF,

Garesnicki carnival, organized by Tourist Board North Moslavina directed by Romana Fezi Martinic. Carnival gathered overseveral masks, and visitors ….