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Travanj 9th, 2012

Delicacies on the plate Istrian Boskarin

What is magic performed Tomislav Gretic, Director Mulini undisputed chef and local cuisine, and Robert Peric, professor of culinary and pastry, meat Istrian boskarin when converted to a superior delicacy – are learned in the past two days 42 expert chefs from restaurants with Istria and Kvarner at a workshop organized by the Agency for Rural Development of Istria (AZRRI).


Travanj 8th, 2012

Posavac horse

Growing Posavina horse is one of the cheapest option is the production of horse meat. Most of the animals were on pasture, resulting in low production costs of food and minimal labor involvement.

Travanj 8th, 2012

Breeding black slavonian pig

Smell and taste of old times with the growing domestic breed again topical. The extreme flexibility and resilience of this breed is its best feature. He eats all thecorn to the sedge, hay and clover with four leaves.