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Svibanj 18th, 2012

Croatia among the 10 largest importing pork from the EU

Croatia imports of pork as all EU countries combined!
Unbelievable, but true, even Croatia exported corn to Spain, where it feed pigs, and then exported to Croatia pig carcass, said President of the Central Association breeder pigs
Even 20.1 percent fewer sows and 21.3 percent fewer hogs produced Croatian pig breeder last year from a year ago. Devastating figures show nearly 20,000 hogs on more imports in the first three months of this year compared to same period last year, so that Croatia would not change if these dramatic trends, certainly follow the fate of Slovenia, where the production of pigs entering the EU and more than halved, says Branko Bobetić, director of EIA Croatistočara.
All expensive and more expensive
As above, given that the state is practically crossed svinjogojce abolishing them incentives, except for sows, will be discussed, among other things, the annual conference of the European association of growers and producers of pig EPSP 2012th organized by the Central Association Croatian pig breeders and supported HPA, to be attended by the waist and manufacturers from 11 countries of the EU. But is it too late? According to Stephen Silvestri, President of the Union, in the past few years Croatia has lost more than 1,000 manufacturers are not able to withstand several times more expensive inputs, low purchase price of meat and increased VAT. Unbelievable, but true, even Croatia exported corn to Spain, where it feed pigs, and then exported to Croatia pig carcass, said Silvestri. He added that the import booms and crashes that domestic production, and often subsidized by the EU and the quality is questionable, certainly ends and pork fattened GM soybeans, which is 40 euros per ton cheaper than “normal.”Croatian manufacturers all over tone. In 4000 produced only a piece of his farm, says Silvestri, last year ended with more than 300,000 kuna loss.
Wind in the back of the Croatian production would certainly have given the abolition of the embargo on the export of pork due to the fact that the Republic seven years ago ceased to vaccinate pigs against swine fever, in accordance with EU directives. However, European Commissioner Dacian Ciolos recently at a meeting with Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina hinted to ban exports of Croatian pork is not just a security issue. Growing pigs and 12 new member states since 2004. to 2010. dropped 25% in the EU grew by 12%. With its high subsidies pig farmesr EU exported approximately 1.7 million tons of pork.Croatia even import 40,000 tons, as all EU member states together.
Strategic Plan
According to latest data from the European Commission, the fresh and frozen pork, and fat, and other live pigs, Croatia in 2011. EU imported a total of even 70 700 tons, which puts on the 10th place in the world for imports of pork from the EU.
Despite the huge potential, export charts divide the EU and Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Belarus, Ukraine and the USA, and you know that the EU in terms of pork already has a strategic plan for the period from 2014 . to 2020., Croatia before joining the EU needs urgent action programs and measures to stop the negative trends and to maintain and increase current production and increase competitiveness, warns Bobetić. Silvestri says pig farmers at hand is not even going to hire workers. His farm with five workers registered as a family farm and the new employment can not get the incentives of the Employment Service, any company can receive agricultural Ltd. When asked why the Department, he was told that this is because it gets the incentives. As if they d.o.o. agricultural businesses Todoric, Moralić, Ergović and other do not get, the Silvestri surprise. (more)

Svibanj 16th, 2012

Second Vocanski eco fair

The past Sunday was numerous, especially lovers of ecological and ethnic things, an opportunity to visit Vocanska end. There he organized eco-ethno charity Ray of sunshine held the second fair of seedlings, herbs, ancient crafts and traditional trades.

Svibanj 15th, 2012

Biodynamic preparations by Rudolf Steiner

Pus from the horns – preparation 500)

The basic preparation that soil-structure strongly promotes the growth of roots creates humus and microbial activity. The strength of this mixture can not be fully understood from the biological and chemical tests. This is not a fertilizer. This is a dynamic actuator. Used only 88 grams in one ha.

To enough once or twice a year with green fertilization, deep soil loose to transform the compacted soil, dead in a well structured, humus-enriched soil and biodynamic active. (more)