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Kolovoz 20th, 2014 the first Croatian internet search of local food producers, launched another in 2008, which eventually became the central point of the local food market in Croatia!
There are about 2,000 Croatian food producers involved in the project, with thousands of their products, which thus offered. Small and big shops, the consumers, buyers, processors, hotels, restaurants, fruit stores or any other natural or legal persons, by means of our internet system completely free searching a wide range of local products from all Croatian counties, producers are finding any local food directly contact them and buy them food without intermediaries. (more)
Kolovoz 20th, 2014

The EU recognizes OPG – why not Croatia?

The Association Family farms Croatia “Life” appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture in Brussels. Direct payments must be turned over family farms, rather than give the big players! The fully convey document Association Croatian family farms, as announced, in the spirit of his public ministry, forwarded the note to the European Commission, the Croatian state authorities and Croatian parliaments in the EU – and which continues to fight for a fair distribution of aid the next programming period. Association OPGH Life wrote, specifically complained Brussels, primarily European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos, due to dissatisfaction with the national model of direct payments to farmers, which the government recently proposed in the framework of the latest versions of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU. In Life held that the official policy wanted “and in Europe under wraps squeeze” benefits for corporations, major players in agriculture, to the detriment (more)