Meteo station in Kapelica

The workshop on meteorology 14 October 2016, a joint project of the Information Club “Virus” and the Association of family farms from Agricola Kapelica willage, is nearing completion. The workshop was held by Professor Nada Dadaček Križevci of Agriculture College and one of the authors of the book Agroclimatology students Regional School in the Kapelica, where the workshop was held.
The project began by passing the competition of the Narodne Novine, which are generated funds for its execution. The project has covered IT – information technology content useful for multiple users.
Connected to the computer part where the declaration data from Meteo station made through the program, and the station is connected to Wi-Fi technology, and as such builds on previous activities “Virus” connectivity and wireless networking.
As soon as the Internet connection at the club current data will be able to see on the website
Agricola as a partner in the project has provided support to the project as an organizer of professional workshops.
Joint activity continues, the project provided equipment for measuring the temperature and moisture of the soil, as well as UV and intensity of solar radiation, ie. How very heated.
Our desire is to attract the attention of students in the school at Kapelica, and beyond because there is now a basis for research and development in the field of computer science and meteorology.

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