Workshop making biodynamic preparation 500

Create biodynamic preparation 500, for 3 days, was attended by 70 people from all Croatian, among others, Mario Juretić from Garesnica. The workshop was held at the family biodynamic farm Dragutin Senčar in Lopatinec. Total has been prepared and buried 700 horns. Beautifully designed and intact cow horns filled the cow dung, and is buried too at a depth of 30-50 cm.
Horns remain in the soil for the winter, until Easter, when it will be held at the workshop excavations which can join all interested!
In addition to making the product 500, is shown making other compost preparations: one filled bladder deer with yarrow for preparation 502, 3 503 preparation of chamomile in the intestine, 2 preparation oak bark in cow skull (505), and 3 mezanterija charged dandelion flowers
(preparation 506 ).
Also, shown is the storage of the compositions are given in the instruction manual.


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