O nama

Association of family farms Agricola (Latin for farmer) was founded in 06th October 2005. in the City Hall of Garesnica. Association President Mario Juretic agricultural engineers, a peasant from the village Kapelica, the vice president Ivanka Bosanac the egg, one of the major milk producers in the area. UOPG Agricola is a nongovernmental organization. Area of the Association is Bjelovar - County of. The association was founded at the initiative of a dozen farmers in the area of the city Garesnica,  V. Trnovitica, Hercegovac and Berek.

The main task of the Association is training farmers - farmers for different production ofpig farming, cattle breeding, beekeeping, and Vegetable. The association cooperateswith the County office of Agriculture, College of Agriculture at Križevci andwith other scientific and research institutions. In this regard, the Association has in the past six years of existence, organized seminars on the College of Agriculture where it had its six members, two cattle and four pig breeder who have acquired professionaleducation with the entry in a record book.

The association will promote the adaptation of farmers more efficient and competitiveproduction methods, adoption of new technologies and their application.

It will also work to raise environmental awareness of farmers, will conduct lectures and conferences, and organizing farmers in professional organizations in order to preparefor a common market, an integrated and environmentally sustainable production and rural tourism.