The EU recognizes OPG – why not Croatia?

The Association Family farms Croatia “Life” appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture in Brussels. Direct payments must be turned over family farms, rather than give the big players! The fully convey document Association Croatian family farms, as announced, in the spirit of his public ministry, forwarded the note to the European Commission, the Croatian state authorities and Croatian parliaments in the EU – and which continues to fight for a fair distribution of aid the next programming period. Association OPGH Life wrote, specifically complained Brussels, primarily European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos, due to dissatisfaction with the national model of direct payments to farmers, which the government recently proposed in the framework of the latest versions of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU. In Life held that the official policy wanted “and in Europe under wraps squeeze” benefits for corporations, major players in agriculture, to the detriment of small, ie. Family farms. Europe is Life and complained that the proposal by 2020 to the general public until now secret. Instead of big companies – more support for small farms In Life evaluate how current agricultural policy impetus “strong corporate interests” and imports, and the total damage of family farms and the practice wants to prevent the distribution of funds from direct payments. ”In the early summer of Croatian Association of Family Farm Life has been actively engaged about the proposal Croatian implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy until 2020, which the Government had submitted to the European Commission by the end of July.

Our proposals are developed in the integrated program, necessary to stop the decline of the village and Rural areas in general. Association is grateful to the Committee on agriculture of Parliament on two occasions (the second time in widescreen Round Table) discussed our proposals, the President of Parliament, which is a lot of understanding discussed the issue with our delegation and the Ministry of Agriculture, which we received on high level. The Ministry has accepted some of our proposals, but has repeatedly refused categorically to discuss the most important of them, namely the size of the redistribution of direct payments per hectare of the largest (mostly corporate) recipients to small and medium-sized family farms. And that they are in Europe spine development of rural areas and the guarantor of food self-sufficiency of the nation. Large users of subsidies hampers the economic development Judging by the statements of senior officials, the Government at the proposal of the Ministry officially proposed by the European Commission to be of such reallocation exploit only a third of the space in the new CAP has been placed at the disposal of Member States in order to at least partially strengthened forces underlying the survival and prosperity of the village.

Proposal of the Association of Life was in this regard to make use of much higher – about 85% – a possible space. Largest economy (over 53 hectares – which make up 2% of recipients have 39% of the country) a year so to get 12-13% less aid, but it was enough to all small and medium sized economies get more than the proposal of the Ministry. “Seeking the intervention of the European Commission Ministry during defining the distribution of aid internally consulted with corporate recipients of the largest direct payments, says the president of Life Antun Laslo.

“Given the categorical refusal to debate on the size of redistribution, the Association of Life was forced to meet the European Commission with its proposal and request its intervention in the matter that is of great general importance in the implementation of the CAP. Specifically, the principle of payment per hectare results in countries with an extremely large proportion of large units in total area, the great injustices against smaller farms (OPG) and the size of redistribution should be taken into account in order to at least partially remove the discrepancies. “The letters were submitted and a petition of the Association, as well as a Power Point presentation with arguments that the Association can be found in the appendix below.

Europe recognizes family farms – why not Croatia?

EC for direct payments in agriculture RH gives 423, but the MP has offered 373 million euros, in general, explaining that the difference of 50 million goes to rural development, not accurately that they need. At the initiative of the Association, and the other 50 million is now available to everyone. ”We are not looking for anything more than the western countries, EU members have.’re Just looking for a pre-existing model, rather than large corporations excluded from direct payments. However, do not agree to family farms going only a third than 85% of this amount “says Laszlo.

Such a catastrophic policy toward family farms can not continue. Croatia, despite the excellent natural conditions, pushed into dependency on food imports for half of its needs, and in the center of the dispute are different concepts of development of agriculture and rural areas.


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